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Good Running Evil. What happens when orcs, trolls and all the other evil races think that YOU should be their leader? Of course they expect certain things from you. Mainly that you are evil too. But what if you don't want to pillage, murder and spread misery?

It is then my friends, that a great adventure begins!

The official wikia for the FateCore campaign "But I don't want to be an Evil Overlord!"

This campaign takes place in a modified version of Pusakuronu's interpretation of the world of the video game "Dungeon Keeper", as seen in the web original "Dungeon Keeper Ami", which in turn was inspired by Name that Keeper by PsyckoSama. We do not own any rights for any of these works.

What our story is all about

The tale of a bunch of Heroes, Villains, Misfits and Every-men trying their hardest to survive in a world caught right in the middle of a battle between the cosmic forces of Good and Evil and their respective Gods.

Some of the notable tales include the exploits of:

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